"Agony" by Woo Myung, from

“Agony” by Woo Myung

Today, we want to share some words of wisdom from Woo Myung’s book, Mind. We all have times of trouble. It’s a part of life. But it doesn’t have to be difficult to deal with. Our human mind naturally wants to find fault in external conditions when we come across hard times. But when the… View Article

Maryland Meditation

5 Things to Know when Meditating

1. Meditation is not instant gratification A single meditation session may uplift your mood and bring your mind at ease. However, if you do not remove the roots of that mind, the effects will only be temporary. It is when you meditate step by step that the root cause of the mind will disappear. You… View Article

A Well-Lived Life

We all have many questions about life and the world. When the founder of our meditation program first enlightened the Truth and began sharing this meditation method with people, many people asked him questions. The Book of Wisdom is a book full of those questions and founder Woo Myung‘s answers. In this post, we want… View Article

Be Yourself Completely

There was a triangle, a square, and a circle. The triangle and square always thought the circle looked good and were envious. So they started shaving off their own corners. Did the triangle and square succeed in becoming a circle? The triangle and square could not become circles, but they also ended up unable to… View Article