The Life of Man is a Dream

“Last night, I dreamt I was in a battlefield. Gunfire was coming from all directions and all of my fellow soldiers were killed. I decided to flee and hide, but in order to do so I had to run to the mountains fifty miles up ahead. Having been shot in the left leg, I began limping towards my destination. Not realizing that I was dreaming, the pain I felt seemed so real. All night long, I dreamt of running around, limping in the battlefield amidst a shower of never-ending gunfire, until finally, as I reached the mountains, I was shot by the enemy. At that moment, I woke up from my sleep and realized that I was not in a battlefield; there had been no gunfire, nor had I been shot. The dream was an illusion.” –Woo Myung, from World Beyond World


Let’s wake up from the dream world of our mind and start living in the true world. The stories of our lives happened, but that doesn’t mean we have to let the record of these stories take up space in our mind. When you let go of these dream-like records of your life story, you will find true peace, clarity, and wisdom that enables you to live your life rather than survive it.

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