Meditation Experiences

Now I just allow things to unfold without worrying as much

My experience at the meditation center has been truly transformative. Before making meditation a daily habit, I would tend to over analyze a lot of situations and create unnecessary stress for myself.

Now I just allow things to unfold without worrying as much.  I’ve been able to deal with stressful situations in life in a much calmer way.  My friends and family have noticed a deeper sense of calm and happiness in my personality as well.

Also, I’ve been able to get a deeper sense of my true self and have been able to move through my day with more clarity than I have had in the past.

Meditation hasn’t always been easy, but now it’s a daily practice that has transformed how I live my life.

Ricco D. / Rockville, MD, USA
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This meditation gave my life back to me

My name is Blanca. I am 46 years old and I enjoy Rockville Meditation. I have been a member since January 2017. The reason why I came to this place was because I was having very strong suicidal thoughts. They came out of nowhere. I remember there were times I might have hurt my self or my loved ones. My life was complete hell and this meditation gave my life back to me. Just walking in was relaxing and the staff are very nice as well as the members. I am so grateful. The method they teach is so amazing. It helps you to deeply clean your mind, to get rid of your daily stress, anxiety, depression, and to find your true self. It lets you see life with a different perspective. I highly recommend this meditation.

Blanca M. / Rockville, MD
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