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From Negativity To Positivity

One of many reasons why successful people are so successful is because they have the ability to see things in a positive light.

Negative, unsuccessful people often get caught up in obstacles and are more prone to thinking that they cannot do something. But successful people see the same situation as another opportunity and have faith that something can be done.

Of course none of us are super heroes who can do everything and anything. We all have a set of skills and abilities and limitations. Being realistic is not only about realizing what we can’t do, but also understanding what we can do in the situations that we find ourselves. The difference between negative and positive attitudes is whether you focus on what you can’t do or on what you can do in your given circumstances.

When life gives you lemons, do you just struggle with the sour taste or do you search for a way to make that sour taste work for your taste buds?

Anyone can change from a negative mind to a positive mind. The positive, Universe mind is your original mind, your hidden potential. Let’s uncover that hidden, positive mind by cleansing away the negative.

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[Rockville Meditation] March Potluck Party

This past weekend, we had a potluck party to celebrate our members who passed their levels!


Having fun while setting the tables


Yummy dishes being added to the table!


Pretty cupcakes that our member’s daughter made. Our party happened to take place on St. Patty’s Day!


Party Time!

Happy meditators =)

Being silly while cleaning up


Joyful members!

It was a great party with happy people! Members got to meet each other, share their stories as they progress in their journey to their true selves, and enjoy good food and company.

We look forward to having more gatherings in the future!

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