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From Negativity To Positivity

One of many reasons why successful people are so successful is because they have the ability to see things in a positive light.

Negative, unsuccessful people often get caught up in obstacles and are more prone to thinking that they cannot do something. But successful people see the same situation as another opportunity and have faith that something can be done.

Of course none of us are super heroes who can do everything and anything. We all have a set of skills and abilities and limitations. Being realistic is not only about realizing what we can’t do, but also understanding what we can do in the situations that we find ourselves. The difference between negative and positive attitudes is whether you focus on what you can’t do or on what you can do in your given circumstances.

When life gives you lemons, do you just struggle with the sour taste or do you search for a way to make that sour taste work for your taste buds?

Anyone can change from a negative mind to a positive mind. The positive, Universe mind is your original mind, your hidden potential. Let’s uncover that hidden, positive mind by cleansing away the negative.

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Woo Myung, The Living Eternal World, Amazon Author, Words of Wisdom

It Will Take Time

We all hear that time cures all. Past pains definitely hurt less when enough time passes, but if we cannot completely let go of what is in our minds, we will become slaves to it all. When a situation arises that re-opens the wounds, it hurts again.

That is why Founder Woo Myung encourages people to proactively let go of the pain and stress in their minds, because once you throw it away, it will no longer plague you. You can fully heal and strengthen your heart so that you will no longer be affected by external conditions.

You will be free to be your true, happy self regardless of where you are, who you are with, or what you are doing.

Here at Rockville Meditation, we genuinely wish for your freedom, peace, and happiness in your mind and heart. Give yourself enough time and practice to completely heal your mind and heart.

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Like the bird that flies in the sky,like all things that exist in the world,I can just live, I can lay down all minds.I live having become the mind of nature.

Living With the Mind of Nature

How wonderful life would be if we could live without worries, without regrets, without sorrow, without a single care in the world?

Nature does not carry anything in its heart except life. We, as humans, are also part of nature. Why should we be any different?

Let’s toss all our minds to the winds and recover our original mind, which is that of nature. With the light, clear mind of nature, you will be surprised to discover more motivation, direction, and purpose which had been buried under all those distractions.

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Be Yourself Completely

There was a triangle, a square, and a circle. The triangle and square always thought the circle looked good and were envious. So they started shaving off their own corners. Did the triangle and square succeed in becoming a circle?

The triangle and square could not become circles, but they also ended up unable to be the complete triangle or square they once were. When a triangle or square was needed, because they didn’t have corners, other triangles and squares were used instead. If the triangle and square hadn’t compared themselves to the circle and didn’t feel envy or inferiority, what might have been?

triangle-shaped-architecture_925x unique-apartment-building-sky_925x buttons-and-mason-jar_925x

Rather than living a life based on other people’s standards, what other people think, and what looks good, when you reflect on and understand yourself and find for yourself the life that you should live, that is the start to a happy and complete life.

Source: Guided Meditation Tips

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"Agony" by Woo Myung, from

“Agony” by Woo Myung

Today, we want to share some words of wisdom from Woo Myung’s book, Mind.

"Agony" by Woo Myung, from

We all have times of trouble. It’s a part of life. But it doesn’t have to be difficult to deal with.

Our human mind naturally wants to find fault in external conditions when we come across hard times. But when the cause is external, there is nothing we can really do. Since we can’t do anything about the things outside of us, let’s start with ourselves.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
–Mahatma Gandhi

When you remember that all the agonies and pains come from within your mind, then there is something you can actually do to free yourself and everyone else from the agonies in life. Change yourself to change your life and to change the world.

Mind, by Woo Myung

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